Commercial PM

Commercial PM: Working at the interface

Today, contemporary commercial property management constitutes an important interface between operative property management and strategic asset management. Property managers– in their role as trustees of the owners – are encouraged to manage the portfolio as if handling their own properties. This is not only the claim of our qualified property managers but also our commitment.

We take over the following tasks within the parameters of property management:

  • Conclusion, amendment and termination of leasing, rental and utilization contracts
  • Handling of the entire dunning process and outstanding debt payment
  • Measures for correct maintenance
  • Preparation of budget/business plans
  • Conclusion of all contracts for work and services
  • Regular reporting to the client
  • Handover and receiving of buildings/flats

Over the past few years the requirements of reporting and on the transparency of the reporting system in property management have risen significantly. In order to meet these requirements and at the same time keep the diversity of the real estate in mind, the experts at OMEGA Immobilien are highly skilled in working with various accounting systems.

We are also able to handle the special task of integrating the book-keeping for the property directly into the tax accounting system of the owner, in adherence to the required accounting principles in Germany.

Our accounting system has an integrated scheduling feature, which enables our staff to observe the many deadlines and due dates related to the management of real estate, coordinate any delays in the processes and fundamentally plan all important details in advance.