Facility Management

Facility management:
Safeguarding the quality of buildings

Facility management provides and controls the technical and infrastructural services associated with the efficient operation of buildings, not only guaranteeing smooth running of all daily processes but also ensuring that both the structural and technical quality of the asset are maintained. Additionally, facility management optimizes the operating costs.

In the centers we manage, the operating costs are lower than those of comparable properties. However, this is never achieved by neglecting maintenance or repair work to achieve a short-term rise in returns, but rather by determining the potential for optimization on the ancillary cost side and implementing measures accordingly.

Focus on energy

One main focus of the work done by our facility management is on the topic of energy. Over the past few years energy costs have undergone dynamic changes, making the efficient use of energy a decisive competitive advantage. At the very least, energy and facility management become a direct value factor for efficient management when it comes down to the allocation of costs to the owners.