Fund Management

Fund management from a single source

OMEGA Immobilien KVG performs all of the services associated with fund and investment management from a single source, benefiting from the many years of experience of OMEGA Immobilien Group to carry out its transaction and property management services without any deficits in terms of time, information or decision-making.

The competent team at OMEGA Immobilien KVG takes care of all aspects of designing  and managing the fund, taking care of the investors, investment management, risk management, as well as controlling and reporting to the investor and to the financial supervisory authority (BaFin).

Investors can rely on a high degree of security, thanks to the integrated fund, investment and property management of OMEGA Immobilien Group. Cooperation with OMEGA Immobilien KVG renders contact to other service providers, master asset management companies and external property & facility managers superfluous.