Fund Strategies

Product philosophy on three pillars

The alternative real estate fund of OMEGA Immobilien KVG invests in eligible assets using an intelligent strategy, taking advantage of low-risk buying opportunities for the investor. We look for properties with a potential for value growth through sustainable property management, and acquire these assets using our three investment strategies: strategy-oriented funds, single-asset funds, single-portfolio funds and individual clients.

Strategy-oriented funds

The alternative real estate funds of OMEGA are always oriented to a predefined asset class with a specific strategic investment goal. Strategy-oriented funds invest defensively in properties, often with a regional focus on a German demographic growth regions or specific micro-locations that have good future prospects due to their power of attraction and regional centrality. This approach ensures a concentrated allocation of the real estate in lucrative, defined sub-markets. In combination with in-depth knowledge of the sub-markets, this investment approach ensures reliable performance controlling of the strategy-oriented fund.

Single-asset funds | Single-portfolio funds

OMEGA single-asset funds and single-portfolio funds invest in properties with good development potential under our meticulous operative and strategic asset and property management. In a uniform acquisition process we buy an individual property portfolio or an attractive large real estate item, and then develop and optimize it through our sustainable property management. We always endeavour to maintain the property in the best-possible condition to keep it attractive to tenants. We adapt flexibly to changing requirements and recognize any opportunity for further developing and positioning the asset. This includes constantly maintaining rent levels by reducing vacancies and improving the tenant structure. Expenditures are optimally streamlined to the needs and requirements of both current and future tenants, always with a good price-performance ratio in mind.

Individual clients

Together with each individual investor, OMEGA Immobilien KVG lays the foundation for a customized investment strategy for their fund. We propose possible investment strategies to individual investors and then decide together which to implement. Our investment strategies are always based on acquisition advantages, high returns and value retention through our sustainable property management. Once they have been acquired in line with the strategic goals, all fund assets are managed by OMEGA Immobilien Group down the line.