HMG Grundwerte Rheinland

Investing in the metropolis region Düsseldorf - Cologne - Bonn

Strategy-oriented fund | regional fund

HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG is launching the HMG Grundwerte Rheinland as an open special AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) in cooperation with OMEGA Immobilien Kapitalverwaltungs AG. The contract for the first fund property was authenticated by a Notary Public in December 2016.

Within the framework of this cooperation, OMEGA Immobilien will assume the investment and transaction management, and also the property management and letting management following the acquisition of the asset.

Fund strategy

In order to spread the investment risk, the OMEGA regional fund invests in around twenty properties with good development potential with office, retail or residential space, in combination with mixed-use properties. The OMEGA regional fund is based on a concept that is dividend-oriented. The fund takes advantage of a market niche: We purchase properties that are too large for private investors and too small for institutional stockholders and then take over the management and optimization processes of the assets.

  • Focus on the attractive and high-yield Rhineland
  • Benefitting from purchasing power, a strong labour market and population growth in the Rhineland and its metropolis regions.
  • Broad diversification of the portfolio through a risk-adjusted mixture of utilisation forms and regional locations.

Fund parameters

  • Investment structure: open special AIF with fixed investment terms
  • Target group: professional investors
  • Fund launch: November 2016
  • Target fund volume: 200-250 million euros
  • Share of outside capital: 45%
  • Term: indefinite, 10 years planned
  • Target performance: 5 % distribution on average over the term

Investment strategy

  • Investment style: core investments
  • Investing in gaps in demand and use of favourable purchasing prices (too large for most private investors, too small for many institutional investors)
  • Broad spread of the objects throughout various asset classes and regions
  • Focus on object quality in terms of ability to re-let
  • Large number of tenants
  • Intensive support and management

Purchasing guidelines

  • Combination of office, residential and trade
  • Preference for mixed use, for example the classical residential and commercial building
  • Further forms of use as addition
  • Investment volume of 5 to 20 million euros, in individual cases up to 20 million euros per object (pure residential up to 10 million euros)

Legal Notice

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