Integrated Property Management

From the perspective of the owner

The real estate funds of OMEGA Immobilien KVG profit from 15 years of experience of OMEGA Immobilien Group in all aspects of asset, property and investment management. The origins of OMEGA Immobilien lie in commercial and technical property management.

Since its establishment, OMEGA Immobilien Group has always looked after the assets of its clients on-site from the perspective of an owner. Our highest priority is taking care of every detail of the property on the ground, always with a focus on long-term value growth of the asset. Through rent increases, vacancy reduction, modernization and improvement of the tenant structure we enhance the operative performance of the real estate. Expenditures are optimally streamlined to the needs and requirements of both current and future tenants, always with a good price-performance ratio in mind.

To us, designing our own real estate funds was the logical addition to our property management services on the level of individual assets or portfolios.

This profits not only the fund asset but also the investors and clients of OMEGA Immobilien KVG.