Location Marketing

Location marketing: Talk of the town

OMEGA center management has many contacts to government officials, decision-makers and representatives of the press, and we make great efforts to ensure the optimum positioning of every asset. We analyze the competition and design promotional campaigns, because we know that having a sure instinct and taking action are the basic prerequisites for running a successful business. The experts from OMEGA center management assume the role of the entrepreneur at the location, and they have at their fingertips all the necessary instruments for the ideal marketing strategy.

Why event marketing?

Shopping centers are valued by consumers as a place for making purchases and for spending their leisure time. Unfortunately, however, run-of-the-mill concepts can make centers all seem the same. Event marketing bridges this gap and gives the asset a unique identity. We conducted qualitative customer surveys to prove that positive memories of a promotional event at a shopping center will still be associated with the center two years later. And the wider the regional context is, the longer this effect usually lasts. OMEGA center management is regionally focused. The center manager has the freedom to organize events within the scope of an overall communication strategy in compliance with the requirements of the respective location.