Quarter Management

Quarter management: An eye on the big picture

Quarter management is a special type of property management that aims to maintain and continually optimize the up-market character of a city building complex. The quarter manager coordinates the interaction between the property management and facility management of groups of mixed-use properties, and is at the same time the No. 1 contact partner for the owners and tenants.

By managing all relevant processes and services, quarter management aims to meet the requirements of the owners, tenants and other users of the property, thereby improving the quality of life for everyone. The quarter manager has an eye on everything.

OMEGA Immobilien develops premium solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of each quarter in order to achieve this.

Our quarter management services at a glance:

  • Planning and implementation of concepts
  • Managing the interaction between property management, owner community administration and facility management
  • Ensuring high quality of the facilities for owners/tenants and their guests
  • Managing of concierge services
  • Supervision of common facilities (e. g. wellness/fitness areas, lounge rooms)
  • Concepts for integrated on-site presence of concierges
  • Security concept
  • Definition, control and adjustment of service levels
  • Targeted reaction to special situations

It is with an interdisciplinary combination of owner community management, property management, facility management, alongside special extras such as concierge services, that enables us to meet the requirements for such high management and service standards.